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Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift

Object Oriented Programming is a paradigm used by programmers many decaded to solve computer problems by modeling them in to classes. In Swift 2.0 a new programming pattern has been introduced known as Protocol Oriented Programming. In this article, we will the three major feature as part of Protocol Oriented ProgrammingModeling with Protocols and StructsProtocol […] Read More

SwiftExpress – Web Application Server in Swift

Swift Express is a simple yet powerful web application written in Appleā€™s Swift language. This is an initiative started by Crossload Labs using Play Framework and Express.jsLet us see a quick demo of JSON API Service deployed on SwiftExpress and consumed by iOS App written Swift.Project CreationMake sure to install the required libraries before creating […] Read More

What is new in Swift 2.0

Lots of new feature have been introduced as part of Swift 2.0. The list includes guard, repeat-while, defer, error handling, protocol extensions, print, pattern matching, early exits, UI Testing, UI Stackview etc. Let us see some of these cool features.The guard statement is used for checking the else part i.e when there is error print […] Read More