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SwiftExpress – Web Application Server in Swift

Swift Express is a simple yet powerful web application written in Appleā€™s Swift language. This is an initiative started by Crossload Labs using Play Framework and Express.jsLet us see a quick demo of JSON API Service deployed on SwiftExpress and consumed by iOS App written Swift.Project CreationMake sure to install the required libraries before creating […] Read More

iOS Swift – Firebase Demo

Firebase is a platform that allows web and mobile application to store data in cloud. In this article, we will see an example app written in Swift that uses Firebase for storing and retrieving data in real time. The source code for this demo is available under GitHub.This demo app consists of three fields for […] Read More

Search photos on Flickr – Web Service

In this tutorial we will see the steps required to write a demo app that retrieves photos from Flickr based on search text and display them in a UICollectionView. This also covers how to integrate 3rd party libaries using CocoaPods.Add a new file (Photo.swift) to act as a place holder for storing photo details. Photo […] Read More

UICollectionView Demo in Swift

UICollectionView can be used for displaying set of data in rows and columns The main difference between UICollectionView and UITableView is that CollectionView can be display more than one column. The following topics are covered in this articleSimple collection view demoDisplaying data in Collection ViewImplementiing Custom Cell Adding Section HeadersHighlighting CellInsert CellDelete CellsWhen the CollectionView loads, we […] Read More

Add annotations and Polyline to MapView in Swift

In this article, we will see the instructions for adding annotation to MapView, Draw Polylines and Zoom to a region in Swift. Let us see this by adding stations to a Map for Chennai subrban trains and connect these stations using Map Overlay. Navigate to Project navigator and select Main.storyboard file. We are not using the […] Read More

TableView Demo in Swift

In this tutorial, we will see some of the common UITableView operations such as Adding, Updating, Deleting and Moving records using Swift. Let us start with a TableView placed over a ViewController instead of using UITableViewController. By this way you will learn lot more about the functionality of UITableView. Add a new file and select […] Read More

Swift Interview Questions

Listed below are some of topics to be familiar before attending an iOS//Swift interviews. These are very trivial questions but in future this space will updated with more scenario based questionsWhat are the different app states?What is JSON?What do you mean by REST?Difference between class and struct?What are Optionals?Difference between Optional Chaining and Optional Binding?why do we […] Read More