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UITableView Demo in Swift

In this tutorial, we will see some of the common UITableView operations such as Adding, Updating, Deleting and Moving records using Swift.Let us start with a TableView placed over a ViewController instead of using UITableViewController. By this way you will learn lot more about the functionality of UITableView. Add a new file and select Cocoa […] Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts in Xcode

Listed below are the various keyboard shortcuts in Xcode 7. Symbols corresponding to Mac keyboard used are command (⌘), shift (⇧), control (⌃), option/alt (⌥)Documentation Popup ⌥ + Click […] Read More

Fix for Directory not found for option error in Xcode

You might see Directotry not found for option error when opening an iOS 8 existing project in Xcode 7. This error because of the invalid path sepcifed from the Framework Path for the test target,(null): Directory not found for option '-F/Applications/'This can be fixed by selected the test target, navigating Search Paths and removing the […] Read More