Decode job advert posted in Swift Language

I came across this unique Swift job advert in posted by Criteo. (Need to add override for the init function, missed in the original job post)

var hello = "Hello, I am a Swift Program, paste me in the playground"

var doyouswift = "You think you have what it takes to build the next mobile advertising technologies ?"

class Hire {

    var r = "&"

    var d = "r"

    var ec = "@rt"

    func email() -> String{

        return "look at gogogo's"



class HireMe: Hire{

    var me = "nt@"

    var crit = "e"

    let o = ".com"

  override init() {


        ec = "ruit"


override func email() -> String{

        return" preview, remove quotes and braces to reveal the email."



var gogogo = HireMe()


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  • Rohit October 2, 2014, 8:24 pm

    look at gogogo’s preview, remove quotes and braces to reveal the email.

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