Swift Interview Questions

Listed below are some of topics to be familiar before attending an iOS//Swift interviews. These are very trivial questions but in future this space will updated with more scenario based questions

  • What are the different app states?
  • What is JSON?
  • What do you mean by REST?
  • Difference between class and struct?
  • What are Optionals?
  • Difference between Optional Chaining and Optional Binding?
  • why do we have to use UICollectionViewFlowLayout?
  • Difference between frame and bounds?
  • What is NSCoder class used for? 
  • What is NSOperationQueue and when should we use it?
  • What are extensions? Explain the difference between extension and subclassing?
  • Difference between delegates and NSNotifications?
  • What are protocols in Swift?
  • What is interpolation?
  • Explain type inference in Swift?
  • Difference between Auto Layout and Adaptive Layout?
  • Is possible to use an Objective-C framework in Swift? 
  • Explain the different life cycle of UIViewController?
  • Difference between xib’s and Storyboards.
  • Explain MVC?
  • What is MVVM?
  • what is an app bundle?
  • Write a sample code for Singleton design pattern?
  • What is difference between Unit tests and UI Test in Xcode?
  • Can you make updates to UI from a background thread? 
  • Difference between let and var keywords in Swift?
  • What are generics? Can you write generics example code?
  • Difference between designated and convenience initialiser?
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