Available for iOS/Swift workshops in schools and colleges. These workshops can be customized for 1 to 5 days based on the student needs. To know more about the workshop, you can get in touch with me via email Ravi Shankar

1-to-1 training

Want to get trained in Swift basics and iOS development at nominal cost? Listed below are the modules that will be covered as part of the 1-1 training.

  • Swift 2.0 Fundamentals
  • iOS development (includes Swift 2.0)
  • UITableView
  • UICollectionView
  • Core Data
  • Auto Layout and Adaptive Layout.
  • Sprite Kit and Game Development.
  • Core Location and MapKit.
  • Animations and ScrollViews.


Available to mentor junior developers in specific topics or for specific duration on 1-to-1 basis. For example we can have specific session to focus on Auto Layout, Grand Central Dispatch, JSON/API Integrations etc..

Mock Interviews

Attending job interviews, would you be interested to attend Mock Interviews? These interview sessions will be spread across 4-5 weeks to ensure you have enough expertise/confidence to attend interviews.

iOS App Development

Need help in developing and publishing app in App Store, contact via email Ravi Shankar

General queries

Talk to me if you have any other queries related with App Development My Skype ID – rshankar31

Download your free copy of Swift eBook here.