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Test Driven Development in Swift

Here is a beginner tutorial on TDD in Swift by writing a program that checks for a prime number. Let us start by creating a new project, selecting template as Single View Application. Though we won’t be adding anything to the storyboard as we will focus only on the business logic. After creating the project, […] Read More

Remove Apple Mach-O Linker directory not found

Listed below are the steps to remove Apple Mach-O linker warning directory not found warning message. 1. Navigate to Project Navigator, select the Project then navigate to Build Settings. 2. Under Build Settings, scroll down to Search Paths and double click on Library Search Paths. 3. Select the missing folder paths and remove them using […] Read More

Apple Mach-O Linker error – Xcode 6 Beta 6

After downloading Xcode 6 beta 6, If you are receiving Apple Mach-O Linker error, Undefined symbols for architecture then try clearing the DerivedData for Xcode. Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "__TFSs26_forceBridgeFromObjectiveCU__FTPSs9AnyObject_MQ__Q_", referenced from: Derived data folder location You find out the location of derived data using Xcode Preferences. Click Xcode -> Preferences. Click Locations tab […] Read More

Quotes app – Simple page based application in Swift

This is a very basic tutorial on how to create a simple page based app in Swift. We are going to use Page Based Application project template for displaying quotes in different pages. Now we need to provide the required data for the display. Click ModelViewController.swift and change the pageData variable in to a constant and […] Read More

Internationalization and localization of Apps in Xcode 6 and Swift

Internationalisation and Localization of apps is essential when you want the apps to seamlessly support different languages and region. Internationalization refers to process of providing a framework to the app for supporting multiple languages. And Localization refers to the process of making your app to support a particular locale such as GermanIn this tutorial, we […] Read More

Get your current address in Swift

In this Swift tutorial, we will see the steps required for using CoreLocation framework and retrieve the latitude and longitude of the location. Then use the CLGeocoder to reverse geocode the latitude and longitude details. This is a very basic tutorial that retrieves the location details on tap of a button and writes the information […] Read More

UIGestureRecognizer in Swift

In this short tutorial, we will see the steps required for implementing UIGestureRecognizer in Swift programming language. Let us take the previous Stop Watch demo code and implement tap, double tap and swipe gestures. You can download source code for Stop Watch from here. The following features will be implemented using the UIGestureRecognizer. Tap - […] Read More

Simple StopWatch app in Swift

In this tutorial, we will see the steps for creating simple StopWatch app in Swift Programming language as shown in the below screenshot. Click File menu -> New -> select Project from menu list. Choose the template as Single View Application and click Next button. Enter name of the Product, Language as Swift then click […] Read More

How to rename project in Xcode

Xcode provides users with the option to rename the project. You can do this in Xcode 6 and Xcode 5 by following the below mentioned steps. Navigate to Project Navigator, select the Project. After entering the new name for the Project, press Return on the Keyboard. In this example, I am changing the name of […] Read More

CoreData tutorial in Swift using NSFetchedResultsController

Let us see an example TaskManager app using CoreData written in Swift Programming language. This app provides the following functionality Allow users to enter new task Update existing task delete task You can download source code for this project from Github. If you are familiar with user interface then move on to the Core Data […] Read More

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