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How to set Organization name for Xcode Project

When ever a new project is created in Xcode, the projects files like header and implementation files will have auto generated comment section at the top of the file. This comment section will have information such as file name, Project name, Author and Organization name. // // ViewController.h // Welcome // // Created by Ravi […] Read More

Basic tutorial – Adding Objective-C Class using Xcode

Let us see how to add a class in Objective-C by looking at an example that provides basic functionality of adding two numbers. In this example we will be using Xcode for development similar to the earlier post on first program in Objective C using Xcode.This program is going to have to three main section. […] Read More

My fiirst program in Objective C using Xcode

This tutorial is about writing a basic and simple program in Objective C using Xcode. Let us see an example program that prints "My First Program" in the Console Window. Click the File menu on Xcode, then navigate to New -> New Project. This would display the following Choose a template window. Now select Application […] Read More

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