11 tips to avoid distraction and increase productivity

We are seeing lot lot of work going remote but people are finding it difficult to be productive.

Here are 11 productivity tips to reduce distraction and increase productivity.

  1. Create a to-do list before starting the day.
  2. Define working hours.
  3. Have a separate work desk. If possible have a separate room for work.
  4. Define in your working space with some productivity quotes
  5. Take breaks in-between working hours.
  6. Use a Pomodoro timer. Whenever you are starting your work use the timer to enter a zone.
  7. Try to avoid night pyjamas when doing your work.
  8. Use apps like Self Control to block websites.
  9. Keep your Phone away from your work desk.
  10. Use browser extension that blocks YouTube recommendation like DF YouTube.
  11. Try to get a good night sleep.