Adapting Text Colour for Dark Mode in SwiftUI

In SwiftUI, ensuring text colour adapts appropriately to dark mode is crucial for readability. If your app supports an automatic appearance mode, the text colour needs to adjust dynamically based on the system’s appearance settings. Here’s a simple way to implement this:

var textColor: Color {
    if darkMode == .auto {
        return UITraitCollection.current.userInterfaceStyle == .dark ? Color.white :
    } else {
        return darkMode == .dark ? Color.white :

This code snippet checks if the darkMode setting is set to .auto. If it is, it determines the system’s current user interface style (.dark or .light) and sets the text color accordingly. If darkMode is explicitly set to .dark or .light, it sets the text colour based on that setting.

This approach ensures that your text remains visible and user-friendly regardless of the system’s appearance mode. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance user experience in apps supporting dark mode.


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