Expense Split App: The Ultimate Way to Divide and Conquer Your Expenses


Welcome to the Expense Split App – the simplest and most efficient way to manage shared expenses. Whether you’re living with roommates, traveling with friends, or splitting costs with colleagues, our app has you covered. Here’s why our app is a game-changer:


1. User-Friendly Interface

We prioritise ease of use. Our straightforward design ensures you can start splitting expenses immediately—no learning curve involved.

2. Multi-Language Support

Go global with Expense Split! We now support multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Chinese, Hindi, and Tamil. Your convenience, in your language.

3. Manage Expense Groups

Create and manage various groups for different occasions, be it roommates for household expenses or friends for a weekend trip.

4. Easy Expense Assignment

Add expenses with ease and specify who should be bearing each cost, down to the last cent.

5. Outstanding Debts Dashboard

See who owes you and who you owe, all in one simple, easy-to-read dashboard.

6. Trip & Birthday Bash Expenses

Keep track of all shared costs while on trips and vacations, making settling up a breeze.

7. Export as CSV (In-App Purchase)

Opt for our In-App Purchase to export your shared expenses into a neat CSV file for extra documentation.

8. No Registration Required

Get started immediately without the hassle of signing up. We respect your privacy.

9. Customizable Settings

Switch between currencies, choose your preferred rounding off digits, and toggle between light and dark mode to make the app truly yours.

How To Install

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For iOS Users:
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Older Version

Expense Split app allows users to split their common expenses. Currently this supports the following features.

  • Equally splits the total expenses among the users
  • Provides option to export and mail the collected data as CSV file.
  • Provide option to capture name and detail description about the expense.
  • Quickly delete users and expense data.