How to insert horizontal and vertical lines in Google Docs

This tutorial is about the steps required to insert horizontal line and vertical line in Google Docs. Insert horizontal line Google Docs users can insert a horizontal line using “Horizontal line” menu option under Insert menu. Vertical Line Google Docs users can use any of the below methods to enter vertical lines. Drawing option – […]

Create a gmail group from mail recipients

In this article, let us see the steps required to create distribution list in gmail for email addresses in To, Cc or Bcc fields. Step 1: Open Gmail with recipients for which you want to create a mail group. Step 2: Select “Reply all” option so that you can see Cc and Bcc fields as […]

Checklist needed when an issue is reported in your mobile app.

The major work when a bug is reported in your production app is to identify the steps required to replicate the issue. Get the app version of the device. Get the operating system version, device model, user locale. Incase of iOS the number of parameters or less where as in case Android it is more. […]

Xcode – framework not found FIRAnalyticsConnector

Tried updating all pods in Xcode projects using pod update. Noticed the following messages in the log. After doing Xcode build, noticed the following error. Framework not found FIRAnalyticsConnector Looks like firebase pod has been updated and to remove the above error, navigate to Build Settings and search for “FIRAnalyticsConnector” Open the “Other Linker Flags” […]

Preserve iPhone battery by reducing brightness

Earlier we had seen how to turn on lower power mode automatically using shortcuts. This is another shortcuts tip to preserve iPhone battery by automatically reducing the brightness when iPhone battery falls below certain percentage. Launch Shortcuts and tap Personal Automation. Select Battery Level option and set the battery level to 50% This automation will […]

11 tips to avoid distraction and increase productivity

We are seeing lot lot of work going remote but people are finding it difficult to be productive. Here are 11 productivity tips to reduce distraction and increase productivity. Create a to-do list before starting the day. Define working hours. Have a separate work desk. If possible have a separate room for work. Define in […]

iPhone battery – automatically turn on low power mode

If your iPhone battery needs servicing but you want to delay the servicing and still get most life out of the battery then follow this tip. I used to turn on lower power mode manually every time after a full charge. Instead of doing this manually we can use Shortcuts app for automating this option. […]

Create distribution list in Gmail

Distribution list or mailing list is quite useful when you want to send email to multiple recipients at the same time. You can create a distribution list using Google Contacts and this can be used in Gmail for sending emails. Access Google Contacts. – Click “Create Label” option available on the left hand sidebar. […]