De-Clutter Gmail Inbox using filters.

One way of organising Gmail Inbox using the Filter option available as part of the settings. Let us say you want to move all your “Amazon” related emails from Gmail Inbox to another label. Navigate to Gamil Settings then “See all settings” Click “Create a new filter” option under Filter and Blocked Address tab. In […]

Mac Screenshot App – Change default screenshot and recordings location

Screenshot app in Mac OS Big Sur is quite useful tool for taking screenshots and screen recording. The default location for saving screenshots and video recording file is Mac desktop. Mac OS Big Sur users can change the default location to documents or any other location by using the option menu Launch Screenshot app. Click […]

Turn on/off Wifi using Keyboard shortcut

Mac users can turn on/off Wifi using option available as part of the Menu bar. Add quick action in Automator app Launch Automator app on your mac and choose Quick Action. Choose action as “Run Shell Script” then set Workflow receives to “no input” and set it to run for for any application and select […]

Add path variable in MacOS for flutter

Flutter commands can be executed from macOS terminal app after adding the path variable to installation of flutter directory on the local machine. You can set Path variable temporarily by executing the following command in the Terminal app or within the Terminal window inside Visual Studio Code where FLUTTER_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY represents the installtion of flutter SDK […]

How to know the size of the folders in iCloud

If you are using Apple iCloud, the folder sizes are not shown by default when they are not downloaded to your Mac. Doing the following will show all the folder size whether they are downloaded or present only in iCloud. Using Finder, Access the iCloud drive. Navigate to folder in iCloud drive. As you can […]

Errors were encountered while preparing your device

One of the common error that occurs in Xcode is “Error were encounted while preparing your device for development. Please check the Devices and Simulators Window.” I have noticed this error after Mac OS update or Xcode app update Trying the following Restart your device, Close Xcode and try re-running the Xcode project. Sometimes after […]

We have blocked all requests from this device – Firebase Phone Authentication

Firebase enables apps with Phone Authentication feature but when testing your app you might have received the following error. We have blocked all requests from this device due to unusual activity. Try again later. This user usually occurs when you have received too many OTP’s within a short period of time.  And we have to […]

iPhone is not available error message in Xcode

If you are receiving an error “iPhone is not available” when connecting Xcode with iPhone then check iOS version on your iPhone. Make sure it is compatible with the Xcode version. The conflict in versions can be found under the Xcode – Window – Devices and Simulators. In my case the following error was mentioned. […]