Value for SWIFT_VERSION cannot be empty.

This error occurs when the Swift version is not specified under Swift Compiler Languge for your project. All you need to do is, Navigate to Build Settings -> Swift Compiler Language, from the drop down specify the Swift version.

Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints.

A common error that we would see when using Auto Layout is Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints. Probably at least one of the constraints in the following list is one you don’t want. Debugging the verbose shown in the console might look difficult but if you closely go through the messages you should be able […]

Upload missing dSYMs to see crashes

If you are using Firebase Crasyltics in your app and if bitcode is enabled then you might see this message “Upload missing dSYMs to see crashes” when trying to view reported crash in Firebase Crashlytics. In order the see the stack trace, you can try uploading the dSYMs files. Compress .dSYMs files. Launch Xcode Organizer. […]

Protect WhatsApp with Touch ID in iPhone

Now you can lock WhatsApp on your iPhone with Touch ID. If your phone is being accessed by family memebers then this would be quite helpful to prevent other users from accessing your WhatsApp message. Steps to enable Touch ID for WhatsApp Tap Settings on your WhatsApp app. In the Setting screen, navigate to Privacy […]

How to rename multiple files on a Mac

Let us say you are scanning documents using a printer connected to a Mac. And when scanning multiple pages of the same document, the pages gets scanned with the default name followed by a ordered number. As shown in the above screenshot, the filename starts with Screenshot and prefixed with some numbers. Rename all files […]

Journey with Swift

This is about my journey as a Swift developer and some of the points discussed here could be useful to anyone who want to re-invent themselves as a software developer or if they want start a career as a Software developer. Past experience I have been working in Software industry for years in wide range […]

My first iOS developer conference – try! Swift Tokyo 2017

Attending conference is one way of keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends in any industry. This is true for every software developer as well. After re-skilling myself and picking up iOS development I wanted to attend some good conferences but not many were happening in India. Heard a lot about try! Swift […]

How to link Aadhaar with PAN

Central Board of Direct Taxes, Government of India has made Aadhaar mandatory for filing returns. Income Tax India website is now providing option to link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card. These are following ways one can link Aadhaar with their PAN card. Open in a web browser and you should see the […]