Change the page colour in Word 2010 and Word 2013

The standard page colour of a word document is white. But in Word 2013 and Word 2010, you can also change the page colour using the Page Layout menu option. You can do the following to change the word document page colour in Word 2010.

From the File menu, click Page Layout menu option

Navigate to Page Background section.

Page Background Section in Word 2010

To change the page colour, click the drop down arrow below the Page Colour option select your desired colour.

Page Colour in Word 2010

If you want to see more colours, then click the More Colours option to launch the Colour Palette.

Page Colour Palette in Word 2010

If you want fill with effects then click Fill Effects menu to bring the Fill Effect dialog box.

Page Fill Effects in Word 2010


2 responses to “Change the page colour in Word 2010 and Word 2013”

  1. carol Knicely Avatar
    carol Knicely

    How can you change this page background permanently as default in Word 2010?

  2. Janice Dobler Avatar
    Janice Dobler

    I only want background colour on the cover page of a 6 page document how do I do this

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