How to add filename to footer in Word

Word 2016, 2013 and 2010 allows users to add filename to the footer section using Quick Parts. For example, if you want add filename in a three column footer then you can do the following.

Insert Footer

In the Word document, navigate to Insert menu, click the Footer option and pick Blank (Three Columns) from drop down list.

Insert Footer in Word 2010

Insert filename in Footer

After selecting the column where you want to insert filename, navigate to Quick Parts under Text section and click the Filed menu option.

Insert Field Word 2010

In the Filed window, select Filename under Field names and choose your preferred format i.e. Uppercase, Lowercase, First capital, Title case and None.

Field Options Word 2010

If you want to add path to the filename then navigate to Fields options section and tick the check box with label as Add path to filename. Click OK button to confirm and save the changes. Now your Footer section will reflect the filename with the path.

Update filename in Footer

In future if you change the name of the file then you can update the footer with the new filename by right clicking on the filename section and selecting Update Filed menu option.

Update Field Word 2010


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