How to add Google as default search in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is in-built with Bing as the default search engine. But it also provides users with the option to change the default search provider. Listed below are the steps for changing the default search engine in Internet Explorer 11 and 8

Make Google as default search engine in Internet Explorer 11

Launch Internet Explorer 11, navigate to address bar and click Search icon.

Search option in Address bar

Then click the Add Search Provider option in Search bar.

Add Search providers in Internet Explorer

Then select Google Search under Add-ons section

Select Google Search under Add-ons

In the Internet Explorer Gallery screen, click Add to Internet Explorer button.

Add Google Search to Internet Explorer

This should display the following Add Search Provider screen. Now mark the checkbox with caption as Make this my default search provider option. Then click Add button to confirm and save the changes.

make default search engine in Internet Explorer

Modifying default search provider using Manage add-ons option

If you had already added the search provider then you can follow the below mentioned steps to make it default.

Click the Tools menu and select Manage add-ons from the dropdown menu.

Manage add-ons in Internet Options

In the Manage Add-ons screen, navigate to Search Providers under Add-on-Types. Then select Google and click Set as default button.

Make Google Search as default


Set Google as default service provider in Internet Explorer 8

To add Google as a default search provider then it involves the following two steps

  • Adding Google Search Providers as Add-ons to Internet Explorer 8 (if not already added)
  • Changing the Google as the default search provider

You can use the Find More Search Providers and add Google to the Internet Explorer 8. Find More Search Providers can be accessed through Menu option available on clicking the Search text box drop down.

Find More Providers

Clicking on Find More Providers will display the Add-ons Gallery: Search Providers webpage and from this you can select Google and click on Add to Internet Explorer button. This would display Add Search Provider dialog box and to make Google as default search tick the check box Make this my default search provider and click on the Add button.

Add search provider in Internet Explorer


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  2. Trying to add google as default search provider in IE9. The add more does not give Google as an option. How does one get Google in the list?

  3. it has been over a year and no response. wow this must be the most helpful site ever. google isnt in the list and seems impossible to get it as anything but an accelerator or toolbar.

  4. Lauri Malone Avatar
    Lauri Malone

    I search for more search providers, find Google, click the link, it takes me to the option to add it to the search providers, but it does not get added. Neither is there any feedback from clicking that link.

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