How to change bluetooth device name of iPhone/iPad/Mac

Change bluetooth name for iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro.

In this tutorial we are going to cover the steps required to change the device name that appears while discovering bluetooth enabled Apple devices. For example when you are trying to pair iPhone with MacBookPro, the Set up Bluetooth Device screen on Macbook Pro would display the following

Bluetooth Set up Wizard

Where “Ravi Shankar’s iPhone” is the name of my iPhone. Similarly on iPhone under Bluetooth settings, you should find the MacBook Pro’s name.

Bluetooth Paired device name on iPhone

How to change bluetooth device name for iPhone

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

Step 2: Under Settings, Tap General options.

General Settings on iPhone

Step 3: Navigate to About option under General Settings.

General Settings on iPhone

Step 4: In the About screen Tap Name option. This should provide an option to change the name of your iPhone.

201310231603.jpg   Change name on iPhone  

How to change bluetooth device name for iPad

Follow the same steps mentioned for iPhone (Step 1 to 4) to reach the Name screen on your iPad.

Change iPad bluetooth name

How to change bluetooth name for Macbook Pro

Step 1: Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the menu list

System Preferences on Macbook Pro

Step 2: In System Preferences screen, navigate to Internet & Wireless section and click Sharing option.

Sharing option on Mackbook Pro

Step 3: Click Edit button under Computer Name section and provide your preferred name.

Computer name on Macbook Pro

Change bluetooth computer name on Macbook Pro

Step 4: Click OK button to confirm and save the changes.

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  1. Fantastic help, thank you so much, easy instructions, great result!

  2. Thank you! It works!

  3. I don’t have a mac. I run a windows pc. I have a number of bluetooth devices listed on my iphone 6. there are 3 different Bose devices showing with the same name, and I want to rename each one so i can identify them. Any ideas? Thanks

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