How to clear or disable recently closed tab section in Firefox

Firefox displays the recently closed tabs under History menu –> Recently Closed Tabs.


If you want to clear or disable the recently closed tabs section then you can do the following

  • In the Firefox address bar type about:config
  • If you get the below warning message then click on the I’ll be careful, I promise button


  • Type browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo in Filter text box


  • Set the value for browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to 0 and click OK to confirm the changes


Now if you navigate to History menu –> Recently Closed tabs section will be disabled as shown below.



5 responses to “How to clear or disable recently closed tab section in Firefox”

  1. Siete troppo forti…grazie è stato utile

  2. Great video. Question: I am interested in clearing out recently closed tabs but I want to make sure that if i do this, it WONT delete all the history and WONT remove the tabs that are already currently up and open. I also dont want it to stop Recently Closed Tabs from showing up so I’m not looking to disable it, just to clear it out. I have a Mac and am using Firefox. When I go to the top of the page and click on History, I can scroll down to where it says Recently Closed Tabs. When I hover over Recently Closed Tabs, it shows the closed tab that I would like to eliminate and then an option at the bottom that says Restore All Tabs. Now I know that I can also go to Tools, scroll down to Clear Recent History… but since I’ve never clicked on it before, I’m worried that if I click on Clear Recent History… it’ll erase all the history and close all the open tabs I have open. Now, should I click on Clear Recent History, what box do I mark if I only want to clear Recently Closed Tabs? I really need your help, asap! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Excellent article! I managed to re-enable the recently closed tabs function!!!!

  4. Rickinator Avatar

    So where’s the part where you clear them. But not disable them. This article says it’s how to do either. I notice Megan’s response had no reply and I have the same question. I’ll check back in another 12 years.

  5. To clear them, go to the application menu (the button on the top right with the three horizontal lines). Then click on “History” and then click on “Clear recent history…” Make sure “Browsing & download history” is checked. At the top it says “Time range to clear”, make sure to select the time period you want. And then click on “Clear Now”. The recently closed tabs will cleared.

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