How to display email size in Yahoo Mail account

Yahoo Mail account provides option for the users to display the size of an email. By default if your Yahoo Mail does not display this column then you can use the options link to change this behaviour.

On the right hand side of the Yahoo Mail account, click the drop down arrow available next to Options link


Select Show from the list of available menus and then followed by Selecting Size Column.


Now the email list would include a new column which displays the size of each email as shown below.



5 responses to “How to display email size in Yahoo Mail account”

  1. hi, I have just been reading your bit on how to show email size in yahoo maibox. Unfortunately the yahoo account that I have doesn’t have a drop down arrow next to the options link. I am really struggling to find out how to get the information to show on the mail box. Any other ideas. Thinking about it, the Yahoo page has changed, is the remedy you wrote about for the older version of Yahoo?

  2. Ravi Shankar Avatar
    Ravi Shankar

    Yes, you are right. This was for the classic version of Yahoo Mail and not the new one. Unfortunately Yahoo does not provide this option in the new UI. But one workaround is to use the sort by attachment column. Hope this helps

  3. I have been able to view file size on my email account up until July2013 when I upgraded my email account. Now I cannot. This is a step back as I would quickly glance at the size of email messages in the spam folder and would delete everyone which was less than or equal to 9kb as they were almost always spam. Now I cannot do that. Why not? Can I switch back to my classic yahoo email screen? if so how.

  4. I agree with you, Dennis ^ How is having less information for the user helpful? The classic UI was so much better. Things are going backwards.

  5. I just want to change my email size. It got much larger and I just want it back to its regular size, but I can’t find how to do it.

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