How to hide/unhide slides in Keynote

In this short tutorial, we will be covering the steps required to hide or unhide slides in a Keynote presentation. This tip is quite useful when you want to hide certain slides from your standard presentation depending upon audience.

Hide Slides in Keynote

Step 1: Launch the Keynote app with the presentation.

Step 2: Navigate to the slide that needs to be hidden.


The above screenshot shows the presentation in Navigator View.

Step 3: Right click on the slide and select Skip Slide option. This should hide the slide from the presentation and you will notice a separator indicating the slide has been hidden.


If you want to hide more than one slides then select all those slides, right click and choose Skip Slide.

Unhide Slides in Keynote.

Step 1: Navigate to the hidden slide separator.

Step 2: Right click on the separator and choose “Don’t Skip Slide” from the menu option.


Now you should be able to see the hidden slide in Keynote.


  1. Gabriel Engelhard Avatar
    Gabriel Engelhard

    Excellent answer. Done very well with words and screen grabs.

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