How to import word document in to Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher automatically converts a word document in to Publisher File. Listed below are the steps for importing a word document using Publishing 2013.

Step 1: Launch Publisher 2013.

Step 3: Click File menu and select Open from the menu list.


Step 3: Now locate the word document that needs to imported in to Publisher using the Open Publishing window.


On clicking the Open button, Publisher will automatically convert the Word document in to a Publisher file with the following “Publisher is converting the file” message.



3 responses to “How to import word document in to Publisher 2013”

  1. After opening the Word doc and seeing message “Publisher is converting the file”, the document only shows one blank page. No text, no images, no additional pages should be there from the Word doc. The original file was a PDF which successfully exported to Word, however, now it will not carry over to Publisher. Any tips?

  2. having the same issue, any help??

  3. When converting word to publisher, it changes font type, size, and paragraph spacing. Can publisher be set to accept word as it is?

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