How to install latest updates of Office 2013

In this tutorial we are going to see the steps required for installing the latest updates of Office 2013.

Step 1: Launch any one of the Office 2013 applications like Outlook 2013 or Word 2013 etc..

Step 2: Click the File menu then navigate to Office Account option.

Office 2013 Account Screen

Step 3: In the Office Account screen, navigate to the Product Information section. Then click the arrow pointing downwards under Update Options.

Office 2013 Apply Updates

Step 4: Select Apply updates from the Update Options drop down list.

Step 5: If any updates are available then the following Office updates screen will be displayed. Click the Yes button to continue with the installation.

Office 2013  updates are available

Step 6: Click the Yes button to continue with automatic shut-down of the programs.

office 2013 automatic shut-down

Windows Taskbar would display the status of the Office 2013 update in the Notification area.

Windows 8 task bar

A success message will be displayed once

the Office Update is complete.


4 responses to “How to install latest updates of Office 2013”

  1. Microsoft clearly does nice work! Keep up the good work, JoeE

  2. I don’t see the Update button in my Word or any other Office product.

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