Gmail provides similar feature like Outlook which can be used to recall a message. This feature can be enabled using Gmail Settings.

1. Logon to your Gmail account.

2. Click on the Settings link available at the top right hand corner next to your email id.

3. In Settings screen, navigate to Labs section.

4. Scroll down to Undo Send section and select the Enable radio option and Click Save changes button to apply the changes.


5. In the General section, navigate to Undo Send section and set the cancellation period. The available values are 10 and 20 seconds. This specifies the time before which you can use the recall or undo send feature. Click on the Save changes button.

Now if you send any email message, Gmail will display a Undo link as shown below.


If you click on the Undo link, the email message will be recalled. This Undo link will be available only for the time period specified in the Gmail General Settings.


  1. i just want to know wheather i can recall a message after 1 day

  2. can i call message after one day or after 12 hours of sending time , if we cant do , please enroll this feature , i think its helpful.

  3. liynngam Avatar

    How to re-call e-mail sent out in Gmail

  4. liynngam Avatar

    How to re-call e-mail sent out in Gmail if it is within 24 hrs

  5. This is only undo feature and not a recall feature. Gmail must add this feature though it is usefull rearly but when it is most important .

    Many Thanks,

  6. Please can you add “recall unread messages after one day or more”.

    I have sent messages and then re-think what I want to say and would like to retrieve them, but 30 seconds is not enough time.

    Many thanks

  7. Please add a “recall unread messages” feature to your service. If a message has not been read for one, two or more days in Outlook, it can be recalled. I have just switched from Outlook to Gmail and this is an important feature. Sometimes messages are written in haste and then people re-think what they wish to say and need to be able to recall something that hasn’t been read. It’s like stopping to think before you speak, and then realizing that it is good to “not have said what you were about to”.

    Thank you

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