Tamil Nadu electricity board user registration and online bill payment

Listed below are the steps for registering for Tamil Nadu electricity board and doing online bill payment.

Tamil Nadu electricity board registration of new user

Step 1: For new users registration, Click on the New User.

Register New TNEB user

Step 2: Click Select button (next to Region) under New User Registration.

Select region in New User Registration

Step 3: Select the region based on your location.

Select region based on location

Step 4: Now enter the Consumer no without region code and click Check detail button.

Enter Consumer No in TNEB Website

This should display the following screen with details about Username, Address and Service Status. You can find the Consumer no from your EB card (xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Confirm TNEB Consumer No

Step 4: Click the Confirm button if the details about the EB connection are correct.

Step 5: Enter user profile information and click Submit button.

Enter Profile information of TNEB user

Step 6: After registration, a mail would be send to the e-mail address provided during the registration. The email would request you for the confirmation of registration.

Online payment of TNEB bill

Once you are a registered user of TNEB web portal, you should be able to login with your user credentials.

Login to TNEB website for Online biil payment

After successful login, you will be presented with the following screen with the registered consumer no. Online bill payment can be done by clicking Pay bill option for the corresponding consumer no.

Select Pay Bill Payment

TNEB users can also pay their EB bill using the Quick Pay option just by providing region and Consumer No as shown in the below screenshot

Quick Pay - TNEB bill payment

Using the online account, TNEB registered users also have access to e-Receipt, Account Summary, Bill Calculator, Manage multiple EB connections, Past payment history and Pay Advance amount.

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