How to turn off the Safari pop up blocker in iPad 2

iPad 2 comes with pre-installed Safari web browser which provides pleasant surfing experience. In case you are accessing websites with pop ups then you can use the iPad settings for disabling the popup blocker.

1. Tap the settings icon in the Home screen

2. Navigate to the Safari menu and then to the Block Pop-ups option


3. To Turn off Popup blocker in iPad 2 tap the grey area next to ON option value Block Pop-ups.


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  1. Thanks, this article helped me solve my issue!

  2. But with iOS 5.0.1 I can’t remove the popup block in iPad 2: is it normal?

  3. No help as all tags relate to PC’s. I am using an iPad 3, my default browser is safari but I need to try another browser to attempt to overcome a limitation and so am trying out browsing with Opera. I have disabled safari pop up and I still get the message to disable my pop up blocker when I am using Opera. can anyone help! I am using an pad 3.

  4. Emmalyn van Zijl Avatar
    Emmalyn van Zijl

    safari on my ipad always direct to an advert pop up site and cannot do anything or go to any website. tried disabling pop-up, cookies and i even erase all data, reset the whole system but still a problem. please help! its making me insane.

    1. Ravi Shankar Avatar
      Ravi Shankar

      Are you facing problem for all websites or any specific one? Can you provide popup site details.

  5. Again you helped me! Tyou your quicker than IT

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