How to unhide menu bar in Safari

The Safari browser has a menu bar with menus such as  File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks etc.. and it is available on the top of the browser as shown below.


But if your Safari browser does not display the Menus then you can un hide menu bar using the Safari General Settings menu option.

Click on the General Settings menu available at the top right hand side of the browser. From the list of displayed menu, select the menu with label as Show Menu bar.


This would display the Menu bar at the top of the Safari browser.


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  1. Thank you for being one of the few relevant search hits on how to make the top level menu in Safari for PC, the one starting with FILE at the left top. I found a few answers that were equivalen to yours, but not as clear. This leads me to think I was right, and am doing everything I shouls be to make this quite useful menu reappear now and again. Show Menu Bar under the rightmostg gear icon does not work. The alt key doesn’t work. I can’t find any other similar problem sitings once your advice has been tried. Any ideas?

  2. I don’t have any menu options at all … so I’m stuck!

  3. My Safari for Windows has absolutely nothing displaying at the top. No menus, no tool bars…nothing to click on whatsoever. Right clicking only offers options to Move, Size, Minimize, etc.

    I have uninstalled Safari, downloaded a newer version, installed it, and I still have nothing at the top to be able to use this browser.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Cynthia, I think I have a solution.

    In my Windows version of Safari I made sure that the browser window was selected and then hit the following keys: (on a Mac, Command-Option-F; on a PC, Ctrl+F) to show the Google Search Bar. That gave me an address bar at top and a General settings icon (looks like a cog or gear on the top right). From there I could set the show/hide of the menu bars and get myself back to working order. Wished Apple had such information on their website for those of us in this situation. I hope this helps you or someone else.

  5. Hi guys,

    this is my very first time using Mac and also Safari so I am having a hard time but this “problem” with menu bar has easy solution.

    Your “main bar” (with apple icon) on top of your screen become during the time you are running safari a “safari bar”.

    Hope it helped.


  6. I find this so frustrating. I have been searching for hours now on how to unhid the menu bar in Safari in Mac. Everyone refers to the setting options of safari which I dont have. ( I dont have that option anywhere). So I am just wondering, why would either APPLE and SAFARI not thinking of making this easy and simple? why doesnt need from all of those users to search for extensively for something as simple?
    I find that stupid.. Sorry for that but I am pretty frustrated at this and I dont know what to do other than to keep searching.

  7. It’s possible you could be in full-screen mode. Hover your mouse at the very top of the screen, and the menu bar should slide down. Just click the blue button on the very right side (with the two arrows pointing at each other) and that’ll exit out of full-screen mode. The menu bar should show up now. Hope this helps!

  8. If you exit Full Screen Mode you can maximize your screen to fit just between the Safari menu bar and the Dock by pulling it to the size you want with your cursor. In this format, you can move your screen anywhere you choose by placing the cursor in the menu bar of whatever program you’re using. You can view various screens and also edit your material from the Safari menu bar, allowing a great deal of flexibility. I accidentally went to Full Screen mode and lost all those capabilities. Had to hunt to find out what I had done and return to the versatility I sorely missed.

    1. I was in the same situation and did not realise it was a problem of the ‘full screen mode’. thanks!

  9. Tried all of them. Nothing worked because I did not have some of the icons mentioned for some and putting curser at top also did not work.

    1. This article was originally written for Safari browser installed on Windows.

      Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are facing?

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