Insertion Sort algorithm does the following

  • Keeps the sorted numbers from left to right.
  • Compares the left with right and interchanges the number if left is greater than right.

Here is code snippet of Insertion Sort in Swift.

[code language=”swift”]var inputArr:[Int] = [Int]()

// generate random numbers
for rIndex in 0..<10 {
inputArr.append(((Int(arc4random()) % 100)))

func insertionSort(var inputArray :[Int]) -> [Int] {
var jIndex:Int,kIndex:Int

for kIndex in 1.. 0 && inputArray[jIndex-1] >= temp ) {
inputArray[jIndex] = inputArray[jIndex-1]
inputArray[jIndex] = temp

return inputArray



2 responses to “Insertion Sort”

  1. Does not work, you cannot swap values doing this.

    1. rshankar Avatar

      I have fixed the code which was written during Swift beta release. Can you pls try now and let me know if this is still an issue.


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