Start developing iOS Apps
Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift (Stanford)

iOS Developer Library
Ray Wenderlich
Swift Algorithm Club
Awesome Swift
Swift Style Guide
Big Nerd Ranch
Strings in Swift
Swift tutorials
Swift blog
Generic functions
AltConf videos
iOS libraries in Swift
Core Image for Swift
Unwind Segues
Swift tricks
WWDC 2015
WatchKit Apps
Swift ninja part 1
Swift ninja part 2
Real world Swift
Swift Developer Blog
Swift by Robin Eggenkamp
Design Patterns in Swift
A better way to learn Swift
How Delegation Works
UIViewController Lifecycle
Protocols and Assumptions
Creating Tic-tac-toe in Swift
Nice Web Services, Swift edition
Protocol Oriented Programming
Developing a Bidding Kiosk for iOS
Memory Management in Swift
Playing with UIDynamics in iOS 9
Demystifying retain cycles in arc
Should I use Swift struct or a class
Mastering Protocols and Delegates
Wring Completion blocks with Closure
Protocol Oriented Programming with UIKit
Advanced and Practical Enum usage in Swift
Prototyping UIView Animations in a Swift Playgroud
Best blogs for iOS developers


Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad (Stanford)
Guide for developers
How to make an app
Add header and footer
Manage User Settings
Custom transitions
Add slideout sidebar
Tech talk videos
Custom transition
Core Data Potpourri
Objective-C Zen book
Consuming rest iOS
Death of Cocoa
My Core Data Stack
iOS Design Patterns
Working with UIAutomation
Learn to love Auto Layout
Introducing iOS 7 Day-bu-Day
Drag and drop UICollection Views
Accessing data from Web
CollectionView Layout Demo
Annotations with custom callout
Model View Controller Presenter
Transfer data between controllers
Scaling App with Google App Engine
iOS Programming tutorials in Recipe Form


Xcode Cheat Sheet
Xcode on Windows PC
10 best Xcode shortcuts
Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts
Xcode Efficiency Tips
Becoming Xcode Power User
Xcode Breakpoint Wizardy
Xcode keyboard shortcuts do you use regularly
Xcode Keyboard shortcuts which will boost your productivity

Test Driven Development

Quality Coding
TDD Resources for iOS
Test Driven Development in iOS
Test Driven Development in Swift
Writing Objective-C unit tests
Introduction to Test Driven Development
XCTestCase / XCTestExpectation / measureBlock()

iOS Interview Questions

iOS Interview Questions Part1
iOS Interview Questions Part2
How to apply for iOS developer Job
Preparing for Technical Interview
iOS Interview Questions
iPhone Interview Questions
Swift Interview Questions and Answers
iOS Interview Questions and Answers
Cocoa Interview Questions and Answers
Mobile App Developer Interview Questions
iPhone Interview Questions with Answers
Geek Interview Questions and Answers
iOS Developer Interview Questions and Answers
Swift Programming Languages Questions and Answers
iPhone Application Development Interview Questions and Answers


iOS Human Interface Guidelines
What is new Sketch 3
Sketch Manual
Sketch Resources
Mobile Patterns
Inpired UI
Design Explosions
Mapping in iOS
UI Design Process
App Icon Template
Sketch Talk
Switching to Sketch
Design Better App Icons
iPhone Design Tutorials
Mobile User Experience
Sketch for Beginners
iOS 7 Design Inspiration
iOS 7 Deisgn Cheat Sheet
User Onboarding in App Design
Color Template
Redesigning Commit for iOS 7
iOS 7 Before and After Picture
Starters Guide to iOS Design
24 App Design Tips You Should Know
iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Resources
iOS Design Guidelines
Use Sketch 3 to create iOS screens
Design for Apple Watch
30 great examples of Mobile App Design
Typography in Ten Minutes
Beautify Your Data-Driven iOS App
500+ Colours
Metro Map Creator
Design Transit Map-Style Graphics
App Store Screenshots with Sketch
Create an icon design workflow in Sketch App 3
Game Patterns


iOS Dev Tools
iOS Goodies
User Onboarding
iOS Good Practices
App Uninstalls
How to use 3 Instruments
WordPress for iOS
API Design
Open Source Apps
ReadtiveCocoa and MVVM
App Launch Guide
Responsive iOS Design
Open source iOS Apps
A Fistful of Directive Tricks
Interviews with iOS developers
An App Store Experiment
Mobile App Development Spec
Podcasts for iOS developers
Difference between all selection segues
Tops news
Best blogs for iOS developers
Steps to build app from Scratch
Creating your first iOS framework
iOS Architecture Patterns
Getting Started with ReactiveCocoa
Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup
Continuous integration for iOS development
Steps to being a better App developer
Collection of Videos about Mac, iOS and Swift
iOS App Performance – Instruments & Beyond
Finding iOS Memory Leaks with Instruments
40 secrets to making money with In-App purchases

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