Maximize Your App’s Reach with Our Free ASO Checklist

As an indie app developer, you know that creating a fantastic app is only the first step. The real challenge? Getting your app noticed in the crowded Apple App Store. That is where App Store Optimization (ASO) comes into play. Just like SEO for websites, ASO is crucial for increasing your app’s visibility and driving more downloads. To help you master ASO, we have crafted a comprehensive checklist that is not just effective but also completely free. And in this post, we are diving into why this checklist is a must have tool for indie developers. Grab your copy today and watch your app soar to new heights! Download now.


Keyword Research

  • Identify relevant keywords for your app. Prioritise high-traffic, low-competition keywords. 
  • Consider long-tail keywords for niche targeting.


  • Include the most important keywords) in the title.
  • Keep the title concise (under 30 characters fi possible). 
  • Ensure the title is engaging and reflects your app’s purpose.

App Description

  • Write a compelling and concise app description. 
  • Highlight key features and benefits.
  • Use bullet points for easy readability.
  • Include relevant keywords naturally.


  • Strategically fill the 100-character keyword field, using commas to separate keywords, avoid spaces.
  • Explore variations and synonyms to cover a broader range of search queries.

App Icon

  • Design a memorable and eye-catching app icon. 
  • Ensure it represents your app’s purpose.
  • Keep ti simple and avoid clutter.

Screenshots and Videos

  • Showcase the app’s best features in the first screenshot.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.
  • Include captions and annotations to explain features.
  • Use video previews to engage users.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Encourage users to rate and review your app. 
  • Respond to user reviews, both positive and negative


  • Localise your app for different regions and languages. 
  • Understand cultural nuances for effective localization.

App Updates

  • Regularly update your app with bug fixes and improvements. 
  • Highlight new features and improvements in release notes.

App Category

  • Choose the most relevant app category.
  • Review competitors in your category for inspiration.

App Size and Performance

  • Optimise app size for faster downloads.
  • Ensure the app performs smoothly on various devices.

App Store Page Optimization

  • A/B test different elements to improve conversion rates.
  • Monitor app store analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

  • Analyse competitor apps for insights and strategies.
  • Identify gaps in the market to stand out.

User Engagement

  • Implement in-app engagement strategies to retain users. 
  • Encourage users to share the app with others.

Promotion and Marketing

  • Utilise social media, email, and websites for app promotion. 
  • Consider paid advertising campaigns if budget allows.

App Store Policies

  • Familiarise yourself with Apple’s App Store policies to avoid rejection 
  • Stay updated on policy changes.


  • Monitor app store analytics to track downloads and user behaviour. 
  • Use data to make informed ASO decisions.

Regular Maintenance

  • Continuously monitor app performance and user feedback. 
  • Adapt your ASO strategy based on results and trends

Download your free copy from here.