My first iOS developer conference – try! Swift Tokyo 2017

Attending conference is one way of keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends in any industry. This is true for every software developer as well. After re-skilling myself and picking up iOS development I wanted to attend some good conferences but not many were happening in India. Heard a lot about try! Swift from Alvin and Giridharan and registered for try! Swift Tokyo.


I needed a visa to travel to Japan and the organisers were quick to help me out. Thanks to Katsumi and Natasha for the paper work, the level of commitment shown to sort this out gave me a glimpse of what to expect in the conference.

I had arrived a day earlier and was able to attend the Tokyo Skytree tour followed by a reception at Pivotal labs arranged for all the international attendees. This was like an ice breaker and I got introduced to few of the attendees and speakers as well.

The conference was for 2 days + 1 day for workshops and hackathon. Each session was scheduled for 25 minutes followed by office hours with the speaker where you get a chance to clarify your queries and have detailed discussion with some renowned speakers. They had also scheduled lighning talks with duration of 5 minutes each. This was a huge conference with 700+ attendess, great speakers and well organised one as well.

Hackathon and Workshop

After the 2 day conference all the attendees had a chance to participate in hackathon. This gave me a chance to work with some bright Japanese developers. There were also some workshops conducted by Realm, IBM, Build a cross-platform 2D game with Swift by @ewingfighter and React Native workshop by orta

Why should anyone attend?

  • Networking with attendees and speakers, use the office hours after talk to clarify the queries with the speakers.
  • You can participate in the social events after conference. trySwift are the best at this.
  • If you are interested in job opportunities then you have chance to meet companies as many sponsors were doing recruitment as well
  • Get up to speed in new iOS technologies and chance to know about some exciting startups.
  • You can also participate in the local Swift and iOS community events.
  • On a side note you have a chance to explore country and interact with people.

It was worth the money spent and would recommend this for all iOS developer especailly try! Swift conferences.

Now try! Swift has come to India as well !! Register Now


2 responses to “My first iOS developer conference – try! Swift Tokyo 2017”

  1. Hi Ravi,
    I am greatly inspired by your blog and visiting Try Swift Tokyo this year. Can you help me regarding the visa process? I am a student currently in my last year of Btech with no prior experience of foreign travel. Can you also tell me the visa type that you used and the documents for which you required to contact Natasha or other organizers?

    1. Hi Sahil,

      Great, worth every penny. You need a tourist visa. Please get in touch with Natasha, she will help you on this.

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