Difference between Delegate and Notifications in iOS

Delegates Notifications One-to-one communication One-to-many or many-to-many communication Customized behavior Broadcasting information/events Delegate object holds a reference Observing objects don’t need references Specific responsibilities/tasks Widely distributed information/events Tight coupling between objects Loose coupling between objects Object needs to know its delegate Posting object doesn’t know receivers Callbacks, data source protocols, event handling Application-wide event handling

Class and Struct in Swift

Download the playground file from github (Classes and Struct) Class A class is a blue print for a real-word entity such Player, Person etc. and it is used for creating objects. Class can have properties to store values and methods to add behaviour. Let us see this with an example class called Rectangle which has […]

What is the difference between Swift and Objective-C

Objective-C Swift Syntax C style syntax with small-style message passing Modern and Concise Syntax Safety More permissive and allows runtime errors Strong focus on safety – enforcing memory safety, nullability check, type safety Performance Not faster than Swift Swift uses advanced compiler optimisation techniques. Interoperability Compatible with both C and C++ Swift needs bridging headers […]

Optional binding and Optional Chaining

Swift has a feature that lets users to assign optional value to a variable or a constant. Optional variable or constant can contain a value or a nil value. Let us take the following example which tries to find a given string in a array of string. Optional Binding var fruits = [“Apple”,”Orange”,”Grape”,”Mango”] let searchIndex […]

What is HEART analytics framework?

HEART stands for Happiness, Engagement , Adoption, Retention and Task Success Happiness – How much the customers are happy using the product. This is measure of user satisfaction and overall sentiments towards the product. For a mobile app the App Store Reviews are the best measure of users happiness. Engagement – This refers to the […]

Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section warning before iOS 11.0

Xcode 13 (iOS 15) displays the following warning message for project having minimum deployment as iOS 10. Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section header height before iOS 11.0 Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section footer height before iOS 11.0 This warning gets displayed for new UITableViewController added to the Storyboard file. You can get rid of the warning messages […]

How to request a refund for apps in App Store

Apple provides users with the option to get a refund for app. Here are the steps for submitting a refund request. Launch  reportaproblem.apple.com and login using your Apple ID. In “What can we help you with” drop down select the option as “Request a refund”. In “Tell us more” drop down select the reason why […]