My fiirst program in Objective C using Xcode

This tutorial is about writing a basic and simple program in Objective C using Xcode. Let us see an example program that prints “My First Program” in the Console Window. Click the File menu on Xcode, then navigate to New -> New Project. This would display the following Choose a template window. Now select Application […]

Turn off auto replace of hyphens with dashes in Word 2010

AutoCorrect in Word 2010 has a feature which automatically converts two consecutive hyphens in em dash (__). For example when you have words connected with hyphens like June—December (with two hyphens) will be changed to June—December (with em dashes). This feature is by default enabled on Microsoft Word 2010. Turn off hyphens with dash feature […]

How to turn off ordinals with superscript in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has a feature that automatically replaces ordinals with superscript. But if you do not want this feature then you can turn off using the option provided as part of AutoCorrect settings. Example of ordinals with superscript 1st displayed 1st 2nd displayed as 2nd Disable ordinals with superscript Click the File menu then […]

How to remove automatic hyperlink in Gmail Signature

In Gmail, any websites addresses in signature are automatically converted in to hyperlinks. For example, if you have added signature with web address and when you do a compose new message, it will automatically display the web address as hyperlink. There is no settings that is currently available in Gmail that would turn off these […]

How to turn off hyperlinks in Keynote on Mac OS X Lion

This tutorial provides the steps to turn off the hyperlink feature in Keynote on Mac OS X Lion. Click the Keynote menu and select Preferences from the menu list. In the Preferences window, click the Auto-Correction tab and un mark the check box with label as Automatically detect email and web addresses. Now if you […]

How to insert watermark in Word 2011 Mac

It is always recommended to insert watermark in your confidential document and this article explains how to add watermark in Word 2011 for Mac. Click the Layout menu and navigate to Page Background section. Click the Watermark option to launch the Insert Watermark window. If you want to add your company logo as Watermark then […]

Insert slide number in Keynote on Mac OS X Lion

In this short tutorial we will see how to insert slide number in Keynote on Mac OS X Lion system. Keynote users can insert slide number using the option available as part of the Slide menu. Click the Slide menu and select Show Slide Number on All Slides. This would display the number at the […]

How to recover deleted folders in Outlook 2010

In this tutorial we will see how to recover a deleted folder in Outlook 2010. Let us take the following example to show recovery of deleted folders. Let us say you have deleted a folder named “resources” under Inbox by right clicking on the folder and select Delete Folder from the menu list. Now to […]