Remove author name from file properties in Word

Word 2016 & 2013 users have an option to remove the author name that is displayed as part of File Properties. If you have created  a word document, right click on the file and selecting properties > Details tab should display the author’s name.

File Properties of Word document

Similarly if you navigate to File > Info, the Related People section should display the following information.

Word 2013 Info menu

How to remove author’s name from document properties

Listed below are the steps for removing the author’s name from document properties.

Step 1: After Creating/Editing the document, click File menu then Info menu.

Step 2: In the Info screen, navigate to Inspect Document section and select Inspect Document from Check for Issues dropdown.

Inspect Document in Word 2013

Step 3: Click the Inspect button in Document Inspector window.

Document Inspector in Word 2013

This would start inspecting your document.


Step 4: If your document contains Personal Information like Author then the following warning message will be displayed. Click Remove All button to clear the Document Properties and Author details.
Remove All Document Properties and Personal Information

You should see the following “Document properties and personal information were successfully removed” message.


Now if you navigate to Related People section in the Info screen, you will not find Author details.


And the same for the File Properties > Details tab as well (after saving the document with these changes).



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