Show or hide scroll bars in Word

In this tutorial we are going to see how to show or hide scrollbars in Word 2016, 2013 & 2010. Microsoft Word users can use the settings available as Word Options to show or hide vertical and horizontal bars. Display Settings – Horizontal and Vertical Scroll bars Click the File menu –> Options, this would […]

Turn off display of hyperlinks in Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 messages

Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 by default displays any Internet address as hyperlinks. This is pretty useful feature and by clicking the hyperlink would quickly launch the website. But if you want to disable this feature while reading as well as composing mail, then you turn off this feature using Editor Options. Turn Off display […]

Insert PDF file in to word document in Word 2013 & Word 2010

This tutorial provides the instruction for inserting the content of PDF file in to a word document in Word 2013 & Word 2010. Please note that this feature in Word 2010 has limitation and will insert only the first page of the PDF file in to Word document. Click the Insert menu in Word then […]

Type fraction numbers in Word 2013 & Word 2010

If you are preparing any word document that requires you to type fraction numbers then you can use the Insert Equation feature available in Word 2013 and Word 2010. Let us say you want to type the fraction numbers 3/15 + 8/15 = ? then you can do the following Word 2013 or Word 2010 […]

How to hide date and time when viewing notes in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook notes displays the date and time at the bottom of the note. And outlook also provides option for displaying as well as hiding the date and time information. Listed below are the steps to turn of display of date and time when viewing notes in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. Outlook […]

How to display email size in Yahoo Mail account

Yahoo Mail account provides option for the users to display the size of an email. By default if your Yahoo Mail does not display this column then you can use the options link to change this behaviour. On the right hand side of the Yahoo Mail account, click the drop down arrow available next to […]

How to unhide menu bar in Safari

The Safari browser has a menu bar with menus such as  File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks etc.. and it is available on the top of the browser as shown below. But if your Safari browser does not display the Menus then you can un hide menu bar using the Safari General Settings menu option. Click […]

How to change the number email messages displayed in Yahoo mail

The number of email messages displayed per page in a Yahoo email can be changed using the Mail Options. Click on the Options link available on the top of the right hand side. Select Mail Options from the menu list. In the General Page, using the Messages/results per page field you can increase or decrease […]