How to enable insert equation in Word

Word 2016, 2013 and 2010 provide users with the option to insert mathematical equations in a document. This is quite useful when you are preparing a word document with mathematical questions. Users can insert equations using the option available as part of the Office Ribbon’s Insert menu. But when you open an existing document created […]

How to turn off display of screen tips in PowerPoint 2013 & 2010

PowerPoint 2013 and 2010 displays screen tips along with feature description when we hover the mouse over the menu items. By default screen tip feature is enabled in PowerPoint but if you do not want this extra information to be displayed then you can turn off using PowerPoint options. Click File menu and then Options […]

How to disable advance slide on mouse click in PowerPoint

In this short beginners PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2010 tutorial, we will see the steps to disable advance slide on mouse click. During a slide show, you can move to next slide either by pressing ENTER or SPACEBAR on keyboard or on mouse click. And using Transitions menu, you can disable or enable the advance […]

How to enable autocomplete in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Autocomplete feature helps users by automatically filling the content of cell when users starting entering the first couple of letters in the Cell. The automatic entry is picked from the previously entered values for the same column. Let us say you have got the following list of entries in one of the column Arizona Alabama […]

Display Date Created in finder view on Mac OS

The Finder view on Mac OS by default does not display the Date Created field for the documents, folders and other items. And if you want to know the date created for these items then you can enable this using Finder View options. In the Finder View Options window, tick the check box with label […]

How to archive Email messages in iPad 2

Email accounts configured in iPad 2 allows user to archive the email messages. you can turn on the archive feature using iPad Mail settings. The archive email message option will be available when you touch and swipe on the email message or if you tap the trash icon. When you swipe on the email message […]

How to recall a message in Gmail

Gmail provides similar feature like Outlook which can be used to recall a message. This feature can be enabled using Gmail Settings. 1. Logon to your Gmail account. 2. Click on the Settings link available at the top right hand corner next to your email id. 3. In Settings screen, navigate to Labs section. 4. […]