Clear browsing history in Android

Listed below are the steps clear the browsing history of Google Chrome in a Android Device such as Nexus or Samsung tab. Solution 1: History screen Step 1: Click the Menu option in Google Chrome (right hand side) Step 2: Select History from the drop down list. Step 3: In the History screen, click the […]

Turn off Pop-up blocker on Google Nexus 7

This is a short article on the steps required to turn off pop-up blocker in Google Chrome installed on Google Nexus 7. By default the pop up blocker is enabled in Google Chrome. But if you are frequently accessing websites that display popups that you need to have access to then you can turn off […]

Disable highlighting of links when pressing tab in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a feature which when pressing tab highlights the links and form fields. If you are user who heavily uses keyboard tab for navigating between the form fields and you do not want the tab to be highlighted then you can disable this feature using Chrome Preferences. Click the Chrome menu on the […]

Create Shortcut for Google Chrome Extension

In this tutorial we will cover the steps required for creating a shortcut for a Google Chrome Extension. If you like a chrome extension and you intend to use it quite often then you can create shortcuts to access the extension. Open a new tab page in Google Chrome and right click on the extension […]

How to import a certificate in Google Chrome

A SSL certificate can be imported in Google Chrome using option menu. Click on the wrench icon –> options –> Navigate to Under the Hood tab Scroll down to Security section and click on the Manage certificates button Click on the import button and use the Certificate import wizard to import a certificate Click Next […]

How to turn off pop up blocker in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has an inbuilt pop up blocker feature. The default option is set is Do not allow any site to show pop-ups. You can disable pop up blocker in Google Chrome using Options menu similar to ie8 pop up blocker Click on the Options menu And navigate to Under the Hood tab and Click […]