Auto Replace feature in Google Docs

This tutorial talks about the Auto Replace feature available in Google Docs. Using this feature, Google Docs users can add abbreviation and their corresponding words. For example, if you want to the entry da to be replaced with digianswers then you can do the following Click the Tools menu and select Preferences from the displayed […]

Always Keep headings visible in Google Spreadsheet

When you are working with lot of data in a Spreadsheet, the headings would disappear when you start scrolling down the rows. Google Docs Spreadsheet provides users with the option for keeping the headings always visible even when you scroll down the Sheet. This can be done by using the menu option available as part […]

How to enable autocomplete in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Autocomplete feature helps users by automatically filling the content of cell when users starting entering the first couple of letters in the Cell. The automatic entry is picked from the previously entered values for the same column. Let us say you have got the following list of entries in one of the column Arizona Alabama […]

Turn off auto detect links in Google Docs

Google Docs has a feature that can automatically detect any links and apply the style accordingly. For example if you have type a text as in a Google Docs document then it would consider this as a hyperlink But if you do not want the hyperlink then highlight the link and click on the […]

How to find word count in Google Docs Document

Word count in a Google Docs document can be found using the menu option available as part of Tools menu. The Word Count window provides count of pages, Words, Characters (no spaces), Characters (with spaces). If you want find the Word Count in document, click on the Tools menu and then select Word count from […]