Memory management in Swift

Memory management in Swift is done by Automatic Reference Counting or ARC. Whenever a variables holds an instance of an object the memory count for that object increases by 1. And when variable becomes out of scope or set to nil, the memory count decreases 1. class Teacher { var name: String? var course: String? […]

SplitViewController example in Swift

This is a beginners tutorial on SplitViewController using Interface builder with programming language as Swift. There are also some good articles available on SplitViewController, check them out as well – nhipster and whoisryannystrom. Create a new Single View Application. Choose Language option as Swift and provide a product name. Navigate to Main.Storyboard and select default […]

How to check the OS version of your iPad

iPad allows users to check the version of OS installed using the settings menu. This would be useful when you are troubleshooting some problems in your iPad. To check the OS version 1. In the home screen, tap the settings menu. 2. In the settings screen, navigate to General settings. 3. In the General Settings […]

Enum in Swift

Enum group of related values to a single data type. Swift enum has lot of new features compared to its predecessor Objective-C. Let us see this with an example enum type for all Months in a year. enum Months { case January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December }   […]

Tuples in Swift

Tuples in Swift allows user to assign group of values to a variable, constant and even return parameter of a function. In the below example, a employee constant is assigned Int and String values. And to access these parameters, we need to use .0 and .1 let employee = (103, “Deepak”) employee.0 employee.1 Now let […]

Internationalization and localization of Apps in Xcode 6 and Swift

Internationalisation and Localization of apps is essential when you want the apps to seamlessly support different languages and region. Internationalization refers to process of providing a framework to the app for supporting multiple languages. And Localization refers to the process of making your app to support a particular locale such as German In this tutorial, […]

How to change bluetooth device name of iPhone/iPad/Mac

Change bluetooth name for iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro. In this tutorial we are going to cover the steps required to change the device name that appears while discovering bluetooth enabled Apple devices. For example when you are trying to pair iPhone with MacBookPro, the Set up Bluetooth Device screen on Macbook Pro would display […]

Auto arrange Home screen icons on iPhone or iPad

This is a short tip on the steps required to auto arrange your apps on iPhone and iPad Home screen. This is useful when you have removed lot of unwanted apps on your device’s home screen and manually re-arranging the icons will be nightmare. Step 1: Access iPad or iPhone home screen and tap the […]