iPhone is not available error message in Xcode

If you are receiving an error “iPhone is not available” when connecting Xcode with iPhone then check iOS version on your iPhone. Make sure it is compatible with the Xcode version. The conflict in versions can be found under the Xcode – Window – Devices and Simulators. In my case the following error was mentioned. […]

Protect WhatsApp with Touch ID in iPhone

Now you can lock WhatsApp on your iPhone with Touch ID. If your phone is being accessed by family memebers then this would be quite helpful to prevent other users from accessing your WhatsApp message. Steps to enable Touch ID for WhatsApp Tap Settings on your WhatsApp app. In the Setting screen, navigate to Privacy […]

Simple UITableView and UIAlertView example

In this article, we are going to see how to create a simple UITableView for displaying data. And display an alert on selection of any row using UIAlertView. Launch Xcode, Click File > New Project and select Single View Application as the project template. Enter the project details for Product Name, Organization Name, Company Identifier […]

How to change bluetooth device name of iPhone/iPad/Mac

Change bluetooth name for iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro. In this tutorial we are going to cover the steps required to change the device name that appears while discovering bluetooth enabled Apple devices. For example when you are trying to pair iPhone with MacBookPro, the Set up Bluetooth Device screen on Macbook Pro would display […]

Create an example iOS Project using Xcode

We had already covered the basic overview of Xcode and now we are going see the steps required for creating an sample iOS Project that displays Welcome message on Xcode simulator. Topics Covered Create New Project using Xcode. Add label control to Interface Builder. Edit label to add Welcome message Choose simulator in Xcode. Compile, […]

Auto arrange Home screen icons on iPhone or iPad

This is a short tip on the steps required to auto arrange your apps on iPhone and iPad Home screen. This is useful when you have removed lot of unwanted apps on your device’s home screen and manually re-arranging the icons will be nightmare. Step 1: Access iPad or iPhone home screen and tap the […]

Different data types in Objective-C

Objective-C like any other programming languages has different data types like int, float, double, char and id. Data types are used for specifying the kind of data that is being stored in a variable. For example, the below code stores a single character to a variable “flag” char flag = ‘1’ Data type – char […]

XCode’s iOS Simulator for iPhone and iPad

iOS Simulator in Xcode can be used for testing iOS apps before trying the apps on a live device. Listed below are the different settings and features on iOS Simulator. Launching iOS Simulator iOS Simulator can be launched by executing Program on Xcode Run Program on Xcode : Keyboard Shortcut is Command + R, Menu […]