Assertions supported in XCTest

Here you can find the list of Assertions supported by XCTest and it is essential to know all these assertion if you are practicing Test Driven Development in IOS. You can get this list from XCTestAssertions.h XCTFail(<#format...#>) - This unconditionally fails the test. XCTAssertNil(<#a1#>, <#format...#>) - Failure message when object is not nil. XCTAssertNotNil(<#a1#>, <#format...#>) […] Read More

Turn off excessive logging in Xcode 8

Xcode 8 shows lots of logging message in the console window when you run the app. If you have any print statement in your app module then it can easily get lost in these warning messages. One of the solution to avoid this excessive logging is to add a property under enviromental variable section. Navigate […] Read More

UITableView Demo in Swift

In this tutorial, we will see some of the common UITableView operations such as Adding, Updating, Deleting and Moving records using Swift.Let us start with a TableView placed over a ViewController instead of using UITableViewController. By this way you will learn lot more about the functionality of UITableView. Add a new file and select Cocoa […] Read More

Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift

Object Oriented Programming is a paradigm used by programmers many decaded to solve computer problems by modeling them in to classes. In Swift 2.0 a new programming pattern has been introduced known as Protocol Oriented Programming. In this article, we will the three major feature as part of Protocol Oriented ProgrammingModeling with Protocols and StructsProtocol […] Read More

Content Priority in Auto Layout

Auto Layout brings in lots of good features to ease the life of an iOS developer when designing User Interfaces. In this example, we will see how to use Content Priorities such as Content Hugging and Comrpession Resistance.I have created a project with Single View Template and dispayed Size Classes as we are going to […] Read More

SwiftExpress – Web Application Server in Swift

Swift Express is a simple yet powerful web application written in Apple’s Swift language. This is an initiative started by Crossload Labs using Play Framework and Express.jsLet us see a quick demo of JSON API Service deployed on SwiftExpress and consumed by iOS App written Swift.Project CreationMake sure to install the required libraries before creating […] Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts in Xcode

Listed below are the various keyboard shortcuts in Xcode 7. Symbols corresponding to Mac keyboard used are command (⌘), shift (⇧), control (⌃), option/alt (⌥)Documentation Popup ⌥ + Click […] Read More

How to programmatically add AutoLayout constraints?

AutoLayout solves the mystery when designing app for more than one screen size and for both Portrait and Landscape orientation. This is done by adding constraints to the views using various Auto Layout options available as part of Interface Builder. As an iOS developer, you can also add these constraints programmatically using NSLayoutConstraints or Visual […] Read More

Fix for Directory not found for option error in Xcode

You might see Directotry not found for option error when opening an iOS 8 existing project in Xcode 7. This error because of the invalid path sepcifed from the Framework Path for the test target,(null): Directory not found for option '-F/Applications/'This can be fixed by selected the test target, navigating Search Paths and removing the […] Read More

iOS Swift – Firebase Demo

Firebase is a platform that allows web and mobile application to store data in cloud. In this article, we will see an example app written in Swift that uses Firebase for storing and retrieving data in real time. The source code for this demo is available under GitHub.This demo app consists of three fields for […] Read More

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