How to hide windows updates on Windows 8.1

In this short tutorial, we are going cover the steps required to hide and restore windows updates on Windows 8.1.

Why do you want to hide windows updates?

It is recommended to install all the major updates or patches released for Operating Systems. But if there are any Important or Optional updates for some built-in application which your are using then you hide those updates. For example, you are using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer then you can skip all the updates delivered for Internet Explorer. When you hide those updates, Windows will keep you prompting about the available updates.

Listed below are the steps to hide Windows Updates on Windows 8.1

Step 1: Right click on Windows icon and select Control Panel from the list.

Launch Control Panel in Windows 8.1

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, select System and Security option.

System and Securiy on Windows 8.1

Step 3: In the System and Security window, click Windows Update link

Windows Update option on Windows 8.1
Step 4: Select the updates listed under Windows Update screen.

Install updates screen on Windows 8.1

Let us say you want to hide all the optional updates, Click Optional updates under the listed updates.

Step 5: In the “Select the updates you want to install” screen, select the updates that you want hide (not the check box selection) then right click and choose Hide updates.

Hide Windows updates

This should disable all the checkboxes and prevent users from selecting those updates.

How to unhide or restore hidden updates on Windows 8.1

If you later decide to change your mind and want to install the hidden updates then you can restore using the “Restore hidden updates” option under Windows Update screen.
Restore hidden windows updates on Windows 8.1


In the Restore Updates screen, select the updates and click the Restore button available at the bottom of the screen. This should make the updates available for installing on your Windows 8.1.

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3 responses to “How to hide windows updates on Windows 8.1”

  1. Hi. I am tryingo to do exactly what you say, but it does not display the administrator icon beside the hide updates option.
    Actually, I am not being able to hide permanently any update in my windows 8.1

  2. After trying to install an update with no lock, I checked Windows support and it stated that the update I was trying to install was unnecessary and should hide it. I followed these instructions and bingo, they are hidden. I was afraid I would try to install it again and start the frustration all over again. Thank You.

  3. Rik Huggett Avatar
    Rik Huggett

    The answer to your question: “Why do you want to hide windows updates?” is that many updates are not designed in any way to enhance the functionality of your computer they are there to nag as part of marketing “pesterware” for example “KB3035583” which is the nag to upgrade to Windows 10. Not everyone is impressed with Windows 10 and don’t wish to be constantly nagged into installing it. Microsoft is clearly abusing the Updates system.

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