Basic overview of Xcode

Xcode is the primary tool used for the development of Mac and iOS applications. This is a free tool which can be downloaded from website. You can use Xcode for Writing code, Building, Testing (Unit test) and for Distribution (Submitting to App Store).

Xcode Window

Different Panes in Xcode



This is available at the left hand side of Xcode window. Provides option to navigate through the project files, Issues, Debug Session, Breakpoints etc.

Xcode Navigator Pane



This is available at the right hand side of Xcode window. This contains File inspector, Quick Help inspector, File Template Library, Code Snippet Library, Object library and Media library. These tools help the developer with designing the user interface and writing coding using Xcode.

Xcode Utilities Pane


This available at the Centre of Xcode window and used for writing your code.

Xcode Editor Window

Interface builder

Interface builder or IB is available at the Centre of Xcode window when you navigate to your .xib file or storyboard. This allows users to build UI for their app.

Xcode Interface Builder

Debug and Console


Debug and Console panes are available at the bottom of Xcode window. As the name suggests Debug provides option for debugging your app and console displays both system, exceptions and app written messages.

Xcode Debug and Console Windows


Xcode Toolbar

The Toolbar provides the option to Run, Analyse, Build and Test your App. This is the place where you would specify whether you want to run the app in simulator (iPhone or iPad) or real device,

Xcode Choose Simulator

Another important feature of Toolbar is the option it provides to show or hide panes of Xcode.

Xcode Show or Hide Pane

The Editor option provides toggle option to show or hide Standard Editor, Assistant Editor and Version Editor. Similarly View option provide option to show or hide Navigator, Debug Area and Utilities. You can also launch Organizer from Xcode Toolbar.


This provides access to the Documentation, Projects, Archives, Repositories and Devices (Provisioning Profiles)

Xcode Organizer


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