Turn off auto detect links in Google Docs


Google Docs has a feature that can automatically detect any links and apply the style accordingly. For example if you have type a text as http://digianswers.com in a Google Docs document then it would consider this as a hyperlink


But if you do not want the hyperlink then highlight the link and click on the remove link.


And if you want to permanently turn off the auto detection of links then click on the Tools menu and select Preferences from the list of available menus.


In the Preferences window, un mark the check box with label as Automatically detect links and click on the Ok button available at the bottom of the preferences window.



  1. Is it possible to turn off the autodetection of links in Gmail ? Thanks

    1. Ravi Shankar Avatar
      Ravi Shankar


      I have not come across any settings to turn off auto detection of links in Gmail. But if is in Gmail Signature then you can try this workaround.



  2. Tools > Preferences no longer exists…

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