Turn off auto replace of hyphens with dashes in Word 2010

AutoCorrect in Word 2010 has a feature which automatically converts two consecutive hyphens in em dash (__). For example when you have words connected with hyphens like June—December (with two hyphens) will be changed to June—December (with em dashes). This feature is by default enabled on Microsoft Word 2010.

Turn off hyphens with dash feature

Users can turn off the auto replacement of hyphens with dashes using the option available as part of AutoCorrect settings. Click the File menu –> Options link and navigate to Proofing Option screen then click the AutoCorrect Options button in the Proofing screen.


In the AutoCorrect window, click the AuoFormat As You Type tab and navigate to Replace as you type section.


Now unmark the check box with label as Hyphens (–) with dash (—) and click OK button to confirm and save the changes.


One response to “Turn off auto replace of hyphens with dashes in Word 2010”

  1. Need to remove this long line which is made by hyphen to dash.
    I what to delete those line, but not possible! specially if it located between texts and pictures .. etc.
    I did a big mistake when I convent hyphens to dash!
    I tried all those options (AutoCorrect Options…AutoCorrect dialog box….etc) those options only disabling the conversion to dash for new typing, BUT not remove the old long unwanted lines which are made before.
    HELP plzzzzzzzzz

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