Cocoapods Permission Error

Received the following error while trying to run pod install. errno::EACCES – Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir – /Users/<username>/.cocoapods/repos/trunk/Specs/9/3 So I had to run the command as sudo – sudo pod install. This successfully installed the pods for the project. But when trying to open the Xcode workspace, again received permission denied error for the Xcode […]

Memory management in Swift

Memory management in Swift is done by Automatic Reference Counting or ARC. Whenever a variables holds an instance of an object the memory count for that object increases by 1. And when variable becomes out of scope or set to nil, the memory count decreases 1. class Teacher { var name: String? var course: String? […]

Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section warning before iOS 11.0

Xcode 13 (iOS 15) displays the following warning message for project having minimum deployment as iOS 10. Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section header height before iOS 11.0 Attribute Unavailable: Estimated section footer height before iOS 11.0 This warning gets displayed for new UITableViewController added to the Storyboard file. You can get rid of the warning messages […]

Xcode – framework not found FIRAnalyticsConnector

Tried updating all pods in Xcode projects using pod update. Noticed the following messages in the log. After doing Xcode build, noticed the following error. Framework not found FIRAnalyticsConnector Looks like firebase pod has been updated and to remove the above error, navigate to Build Settings and search for “FIRAnalyticsConnector” Open the “Other Linker Flags” […]

Errors were encountered while preparing your device

One of the common error that occurs in Xcode is “Error were encounted while preparing your device for development. Please check the Devices and Simulators Window.” I have noticed this error after Mac OS update or Xcode app update Trying the following Restart your device, Close Xcode and try re-running the Xcode project. Sometimes after […]

iPhone is not available error message in Xcode

If you are receiving an error “iPhone is not available” when connecting Xcode with iPhone then check iOS version on your iPhone. Make sure it is compatible with the Xcode version. The conflict in versions can be found under the Xcode – Window – Devices and Simulators. In my case the following error was mentioned. […]

Tab Bar Controller with WebView

In this article, we will see step by step instruction on working of Tab Bar Controller, UIWebView and Activity Indicator by loading couple of web pages using UIWebView in two different Tabs. Tab Bar Controller Tab Bar Controller is used for organising list of View Controllers by having seperate tabs for each View Controller. Check […]

CoreData tutorial in Swift 5 using NSFetchedResultsController

Let us see an example TaskManager app using CoreData written in Swift Programming language. This app provides the following functionality Allow users to enter new task Update existing task delete task You can download source code for this project from Github. If you are familiar with user interface then move on to the Core Data […]