How to check for updates for Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 allows users to manually check for any latest updates. This can be done using the Microsoft Word 2010 help menu.

Click the File menu and navigate to Help menu


In the Tools for Working With Office section, click the Check for Updates link. This would get the latest updates available for Microsoft Office.



3 responses to “How to check for updates for Microsoft Word 2010”

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  2. Thomas Fisher Avatar
    Thomas Fisher

    following your advice when i click “check for updates” it sends me to windows updates. Does windows updates update MS office. How could we update MS office without updating windows or do they go hand in hand.


  3. Shawn Parfitt Avatar
    Shawn Parfitt

    Why is this helpful? All that has to be done is to have your updates on your computer turned on and let Microsoft do what ever they want to your system. How about offering the updates for those of us that do not want Microsoft walking all through our systems but are still shackled their programs till an better alternative emerges. That would be worth spending time posting.

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