Prevent Apps from using camera in Windows 10

Apps installed on Windows 10 will by default have access to system camera. Windows 10 users have the option to turn off the camera for all apps or specific apps. Listed below are the steps to control the camera usage of apps in Windows 10 Step 1: Click Windows or Start button and select Settings […]

Prevent installing or uninstalling apps on iPad or iPhone

In this tutorial we will be see the steps required to prevent any users from installing or uninstalling any apps on iPad or iPhone. This is a useful tip if you are sharing your iPad with other people especially kids and do not want them accidentally uninstall and install any Apps. To prevent users from […]

Auto arrange Home screen icons on iPhone or iPad

This is a short tip on the steps required to auto arrange your apps on iPhone and iPad Home screen. This is useful when you have removed lot of unwanted apps on your device’s home screen and manually re-arranging the icons will be nightmare. Step 1: Access iPad or iPhone home screen and tap the […]