Embark on Your IOS Learning Journey: Start Here

Hello and welcome! This page is your starting line for learning iOS and Swift. It’s a place for everyone, whether you are just starting out or looking to build on what you know. I’m here to learn with you and to share all the things that can make us better at making great apps. Let’s get started on this learning journey together, one step at a time

For Beginners:

  1. Swift Basics
  2. Basic overview of Xcode
  3. XCode Playground Overview
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts in Xcode
  5. Debugging Swift App in Xcode
  6. Create an example iOS Project using Xcode
  7. XCode’s iOS Simulator for iPhone and iPad
  8. Tuples, Enums and Protocols in Swift
  9. Optional binding and Optional Chaining
  10. Choosing between guard statement and if let
  11. Class and Struct in Swift
  12. Access Control in Swift
  13. Memory management in Swift
  14. Closures, Extensions and Generics in Swift
  15. UITextFieldDelegate in Swift
  16. Navigation Controller in iOS
  17. Different ways to connect IBAction to UIButton
  18. Storyboard, Scene and Segue
  19. DatePicker Demo in Swift
  20. TableView Demo in Swift
  21. Swift – WebView demo
  22. Swift Progress Bar Demo
  23. SplitViewController example in Swift
  24. What is the difference between Swift and Objective-C
  25. Button in Swift UI
  26. Understanding .onAppear and .onDisappear in SwiftUI
  27. Tab Bar Controller with WebView
  28. How to customize status bar in iOS
  29. Simple StopWatch app in Swift
  30. UIGestureRecognizer in Swift
  31. Simple UITableView and UIAlertView example
  32. Checklist needed when an issue is reported in your mobile app.

Intermediate Topics:

  1. Auto Layout in iOS
  2. What is Delegation in iOS ?
  3. Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift
  4. Get your current address in Swift
  5. CoreData tutorial in Swift using NSFetchedResultsController
  6. How to record and play sound in iOS/Swift
  7. UICollectionView Demo
  8. PDFKit – View, Annotate PDF file in Swift
  9. Add annotations and Polyline to MapView in Swift
  10. Launching an App on the App Store Using SwiftUI & ChatGPT
  11. Handling HTML Text Gaps in Swift
  12. How to detect availability of internet connection in Swift
  13. How to simplify persistent data using @AppStorage
  14. BlogReader App in Swift
  15. Quotes app – Simple page based application in Swift
  16. Content Priority in Auto Layout
  17. iOS Swift – Firebase Demo
  18. Difference between Delegate and Notifications in iOS

Advanced Topics:

  1. Test Driven Development in Swift
  2. Dependency Injection in Swift
  3. Integrating Stripe in Swift for iOS development
  4. How to programmatically add AutoLayout constraints?
  5. Internationalization and localization of Apps in Xcode 6 and Swift
  6. Search photos on Flickr – Web Service
  7. Provisioning iPhone 4S for deploying and testing Apps
  8. Adaptive Layout in iOS