This bundle is invalid. The value for key CFBundleVersion error

If you are receiving the following error while trying to upload your binary from Xcode organiser to AppStoreConnect then try incrementing the build number.

This bundle is invalid. The value for key CFBundleVersion [1] in the Info.plist file must contain a higher version than that of the previously uploaded version [1]. Please find more information about CFBundleVersion at (ID: be5c5eb9-2745-4eeb-bcee-a30c6249488b)

I checked and found that I had correctly increased the “Version” number (CFBundleShortVersionString), but I had forgotten to change the “Build” number (CFBundleVersion), and it was still set to 1, which was the same as the previous version.

So, to fix the issue, they increased the “Build” version number, and after doing that, I was able to upload the app successfully. This was the first time I had encountered a problem like this because I usually don’t change the build number when releasing new versions. Not sure whether this is related with only Mac OS apps.


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